How It Works

There is no right or wrong way to move forward after experiencing sexual assault — just your way.


First, write down what happened. Only you will be able to see the record you create. It is kept secure and encrypted on Callisto until you choose what to do with it.

You have three options:
Save, Match, and Report

Option 1:Choose to Save

You can choose to just save your record - it never has to go anywhere if you don't want it to.

Option 2:Choose to Match

You can choose to submit only the perpetrator’s information into Callisto’s matching system, which identifies repeat offenders.

If A Match Is Found

You and your school will receive an email from Callisto that a match has been found. From there, you can decide whether or not you would like to submit your record.

If No Match Is Found

The perpetrator’s information will remain in Callisto's matching system unless you remove it, but nothing will happen until a match is found. You can always report your record regardless of matching status.

Option 3:Choose to Report

You can report to your school by sending them your record through Callisto. Your school will then reach out to you about next steps (see below).

What Happens After Reporting?

After you send your record to your school, a staff member will contact you to set up a meeting. In this meeting, you will be offered support, asked if you need any accommodations, learn about the reporting and investigation process, and receive options of how you would like to proceed. Under Title IX, your school is required to investigate any incident of sexual assault that they become aware of. However, you may not be required to participate in the investigation. Depending on the situation, your school may look into what happened without you needing to be involved.

Learn more about what happens after reporting